Exactly How Are You Planning to Use that Question?

Q123 In the past six months, how have you gotten information about [COMPANY]?

I cringe when I see this question.

Seriously, if you think this question will give you ANY clue as to how your consumers, stakeholders, or whoever are consuming information about your company, then you’re probably not doing your job right.

First, the media landscape is simply too nebulous to give you discrete answer choices that make sense. I see Facebook and LinkedIn clumped together as a generic “social media” response… Do you really think the people who get information about a company on LinkedIn are the same as the people who get information on Facebook? And still, do you really think the INFORMATION across the two platforms is the same? You’re gonna get a story about Ford’s earnings report on LinkedIn and a story about human mobility on Facebook — how could you possibly have the niavte to clump those together.

Second, people don’t remember. There’s so much data out there with Facebook ads, Google ad words, click rates … all things marketing folks know better than I. All this data makes this kind of question moot. The actually behavioral data is out there if you’re willing to look.

The time on the survey is better spent elsewhere.

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